LOUIE: Put Immigration Judges on the Border To Deport Illegal Immigrants Right Away

Texas Republican congressman and Freedom Caucus member Rep. Louie Gohmert said that immigration judges should be planted on the U.S.-Mexico border to ensure timely hearings for the immigrants illegally crossing into the United States.

Under current immigration law, illegal migrants apprehended by Border Patrol get to remain in the United States with benefits and they get free travel to anywhere in the U.S. Unsurprisingly, many of these migrants never show up for their court dates, which could be scheduled years in the future.

“Have immigration judges right there on the border so as people claim asylum, you take them right in…give them a hearing that day and deport the 95 percent that are not given asylum,” Gohmert proposed on Fox and Friends First.

The crisis on the border intensifies as Democrats refuse to reform broken immigration laws — though President Trump has made progress in compelling Mexico to guard its border with Guatemala with 6,000 troops as a result of Trump’s tariff threats.

Jim Benvie is a border watcher who leads fellow concerned citizens in peacefully stopping migrants who invade the United States over the southern border. Benvie’s videos from the border can be found on his Facebook page. Benvie is the leader of the Guardian Patriots and has been especially active in the El Paso, Texas region.

Benvie appeared on The Campaign Show with Patrick Howley on Patriots Soapbox (6-8 PM Eastern on Sundays, live.patriotssoapbox.com) to discuss the scourge of human trafficking and cartel activity on the Texas and New Mexico border, the ACLU’s quest to fight citizen watchers, and the deep possibly irreversible corruption of our American political system.


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