Louise Mensch Accuses Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland Survivor, of Being Russian Agent

A left-wing conspiracy theorist accidentally called Parkland Massacre survivor Kyle Kashuv a Russian agent on Twitter Tuesday night, for which she was forced to apologize.

“Saving this for when the @FBI Investigate [sic] me for you wll reasoned claims, @LouiseMensch. Why’d you delete, fellow comrade?” Kashuv said, calling out Louise Mensch out for her ridiculous blunder.

Mensch, formerly a conservative pundit but always a NeverTrumper, has made a mockery of herself by swearing up and down since Trump’s election that he is an undercover Russian asset, which is becoming less plausible each minute that Robert Mueller fails to indict anyone for anything remotely related to Russian collusion.

“OH S***. I am so sorry. What a huge f***-up. I meant to type @KyleKulinski. Of course YOU are not a Russian asset. My profound apologies for the idiotic mis-type. It is @KyleKulinski who co-founded @JusticeDems and who has serially shilled for the Russian state, here attacking @HillaryClinton, and not you to whom I meant to refer. My epic screw up, you have nothing to do with it,” Mensch explained in two Tweets.


The classic mixup. Mensch did not mean to slander Kashuv as a Russian agent – just some other guy who is clearly not a Russian agent, considering that Russian “collusion” is a conspiracy theory. 

If you were looking for a Twitter exchange to describe 2018 neoconservatism in a nutshell, this is it.

Mensch infamously speculated that Breitbart and Steve Bannon were linked to Russia, and that the late Andrew Breitbart, the founder of the site, was murdered by Vladimir Putin. She would invoke sympathy from sane people, but for the fact that she knows the Russian “collusion” conspiracy is a lie, and continues to peddle the narrative anyway.


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