Louisiana Pastor Put Under House Arrest Returns to Preach the Gospel Publicly in Defiance of Court Order

The pastor of a church in Central, La. has returned to the pulpit despite being on house arrest for complications from holding supposedly illegal worship services in contradiction to the governor’s edicts.

Rev. Tony Spell got into words with an anti-Christian protester outside of his Life Tabernacle Church a week ago, which resulted in him being given an ankle monitor after a contentious incident on the road. Regardless of the possible consequences, he was back preaching today while showing off his ankle bracelet in defiance of the consequences.

Spell told his flock that it is a “dirty rotten shame when you’re hiding in America.” His parishioners stand with him fully, singing songs of joy in Christ while waving signs which state: “I stand with Pastor Spell.”

He was released last week and ordered to “refrain from any and all criminal conduct, including but not limited to strictly abiding by the all emergency orders issued by the Governor of the State of Louisiana.” Spell believes that his freedom of religion cannot be abridged by a government edict.

“God gave you an immune system to kill the virus,” Spell said while giving his sermon on Sunday morning. “I’m not going to bind the virus.”

Law enforcement is far from happy that Spell refuses to kneel beneath them as they attempt to enforce the governor’s unlawful orders.

“It will not be up to a judge on whether he’s picked up or not, and what his punishment will be,” Baton Rouge Central Police Chief Roger Corcoran said to TMZ.

“It’s a blatant disrespect to the law and to the judge’s order. It’s further proof Tony Spell is out for himself and has no respect for the law,” Corcoran added.

In addition to charges of aggravated assault and improper backing, Spell also faces six misdemeanor charges for disobeying the edicts of Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards. Edwards continues to pump Louisiana residents full of fear while warning that these emergency measures are not about to go away completely any time soon.

“I’m calling on Louisiana to mask up,” Edwards said last week. “Think of wearing masks in public as being polite. It’s being kind. It’s being courteous.”

“We really need you wearing masks when in public and coming into contact with other people,” he added.

Edwards has already shown what will happen if the peasants refuse to abide by his edicts with the public arrest of Spell:


Louisiana has turned into a cruel police state due to the coronavirus frenzy, and the rest of America is not far behind them.

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