Low Energy Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen Gets a Primary Challenger

House Speaker Dennis Bonnen has a new challenger.

On June 10, 2019, lifelong Brazoria County resident Rhonda Seth announced her candidacy for House District 25, which encompasses Brazoria and Matagorda Counties.

In a statement, Seth cited several comments from Bonnen as motivation for her candidacy.

He’s also made several other statements lately, including praise for the possibility of an El Paso Democrat who might be Speaker of the Texas House, should Texas turn blue. Statements like that are exactly how you turn Texas blue, and don’t represent the sentiments of this Republican district.

For Seth, these troubling comments and Bonnen’s longtime career in politics were enough for her to step up to challenge him.

This could present an interesting opportunity for grassroots conservatives in Texas. 2019 was a very disappointing year for diehard conservatives in the Lone Star State. Constitutional Carry was killed, while other conservative issues such as abortion and property tax reform were never tackled head on.

In a Facebook post, Lone Star Gun Rights pointed out that Seth originally did not take a clear stance on Constitutional Carry. However, she clarified in a comment below that she would have supported Constitutional Carry bill HB 357 if she were in Austin during the 2019 legislative session.


On her platform page Seth also signals her pro-gun views. She states that the “federal government has no business telling Texans how to manage our guns. As a law-abiding citizen, I should be allowed to own any weapon I choose without government permission or registration.”

In this case, Seth is referring to the unconstitutional power grabs the federal government has engaged in over the past few decades to undermine Second Amendment rights. With how polarized the gun issue has become, the Democratic Party is fully onboard with having the federal government crack-down on guns.

Rhonda Seth winning in the primaries would send a strong message to the Texas political establishment that ignoring the grassroots comes with a price to pay.

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