Lt. Gov. Dan Forest Wins GOP Primary, Will Attempt to Unseat Gov. Roy Cooper in North Carolina

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest won the GOP primary for Governor by a wide margin on Monday, and he will go onto challenge incumbent Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper in November.

“It’s a big night for the Forest campaign and for all the people that have worked so hard for so long,” he said during a victory speech at the N.C. Republican Party headquarters on Tuesday evening.

“Our job is to push forward with a positive campaign about what is best for the people of North Carolina,” he added.

Forest, who has been Lt. Gov since first being elected to the position in 2012, is a social conservative who gained fame for supporting the controversial 2016 “bathroom bill,” which was crafted to keep transgender perverts from accosting children in bathrooms.

“I was one of the biggest proponents of HB2 and I got the most votes of any one,” Forest said, referring to the “bathroom bill.”

“The U.S. Supreme Court, including Justice [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg, have said that women and children have the right to privacy in a bathroom,” he added. “But under the Charlotte ordinance, if a dude who claims to be a women drops his pants in a women’s locker room, there is nothing that law enforcement can do about it. It is no longer considered indecent exposure.”

Forest’s support for the legislation made him reviled in the eyes of the LGBT community and surrender-prone moderate Republicans, such as his primary challenger Rep. Holly Grange, who has vowed to support Forest after being crushed by him in Tuesday’s voting.

Democrats will hope to stop Forest by campaigning on handouts, giveaways, and enabling LGBT predators during this year’s general election.

“North Carolina Democrats are proud to once again support Governor Roy Cooper, a fighter for North Carolina families who is committed to moving our state forward,” North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin said. “Since 2016, Governor Cooper has fought for a better educated, healthier, and more prosperous North Carolina where people can have more money in their pockets and opportunities to live with purpose and abundance.

“He has prioritized raising teacher pay, expanding Medicaid, and strengthening our local economies over corporate tax cuts,” Goodwin added. “He’s offered the strong leadership and vision North Carolina deserves, and we will do everything we can to return him to the Governor’s mansion this fall.”

Forest will be tasked with stopping the state of North Carolina from “moving forward” into totalitarian socialism in November.

“Who do we want to be in North Carolina?” Forest asked. “In so many ways, I think our brightest days are yet ahead. We are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world, and we’re even doubly blessed to live in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world.

“I think our opportunity and possibility are endless,” he added.

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