Luis Gutierrez: Every American City Should Have “Welcoming Centers” For Migrant Caravans

Chicago-area Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez gained a reputation for being one of the most pro-mass immigration members of Congress during his time in Washington. Now, having retired and accepted a spot as a commentator for fake news network CNN, he seems to have embraced even more extreme stances in support of open-borders immigration.

Gutierrez called for mayors of major U.S cities to open “welcoming centers” for migrant caravans seeking entrance to the United States from Central America. The lawless mob-nature of such formations doesn’t seem to have deterred him from questioning whether opening a red carpet is such a good idea.

It’s unclear if Gutierrez seeks to apply the same standard to Mexican municipalities who are sick of the flow of migrant caravans through their country en route to the United States. The Mayor of Tijuana, a northern Mexican city, has called for the swift deportation of Central American ‘caravan’ migrants.

Sources have alleged that the largest migrant caravan yet is forming in Honduras. While previous caravans have contained a maximum of 7,000 people, Mexico’s Interior Secretary has claimed that a massive group of 20,000 people will soon arrive in her country with the intentions of traveling to the United States.

Gutierrez, who retired from Congress in 2018, is now a Senior Policy Advisor at the National Partnership of New Americans. The radical pro-mass immigration group calls for citizenship to be bestowed upon the more than twelve million illegal immigrants present in the United States.

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