Macron Agrees: We Should Talk To Assad Until ISIS Is Defeated In Syria

Emmanuel Macron, Facebook

French president Emmanuel Macron concedes that allied forces should communicate with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad while fighting ISIS in Syria.

President Donald Trump has upstaged neocons in the national security establishment by decimating most of ISIS’ organization in Syria without removing Assad. Neocons have always claimed that the U.S. must knock out Assad in order to fight ISIS. In reality, the Obama administration helped create ISIS in a bid to spark regime change in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Macron, a key ally in Syria, is pleased with the progress against ISIS being made by the United States, Russia, and France, and wants to keep the line of communication open with Assad.

The AP reports:

“French President Emmanuel Macron thinks the Islamic State group will be defeated in Syria by the middle or end of February and that Syrian President Bashar Assad can’t be ignored in the aftermath of a military victory but must one day answer for his crimes, according to a television interview that aired Sunday.

Macron noted in a wide-ranging interview with TV station France 2 that Iraqi authorities declared the Islamic State group defeated this month and said, “I think by mid-end February we will have won in Syria. Bashar Assad will be there.”

Under those circumstances, “We have to talk to everybody, we have to talk to Bashar Al-Assad and his representatives,” the French leader said, adding: “Afterward, he must answer for his crimes before his people, before international justice.”

The France 2 interview was recorded five days ago, during a global climate summit Macron hosted two years after the signing of the landmark Paris climate agreement.”

Macron’s position was clearly influenced by a recent meeting with President Trump.

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