MAD SCIENCE: Bill Gates Wants Skies Sprayed with Ash to Block Sun, Stop Global Warming

A firm funded by globalist billionaire Bill Gates has proposed dumping millions of tons of chalk dust on a daily basis into the atmosphere for a geoengineering scheme that would dim the sun to supposedly combat climate change.

Scientists at Harvard University are using Gates’ money to develop this plan to blot out the sun, which would involve 800 massive aircraft dumping the dust 12 miles above the surface of the Earth every single day. The sun shade would theoretically reflect rays of the sun and prevent global warming, but there could be unintended consequences of this project that seemingly borrows a plot-line from “The Simpsons.”

Gates’ scientists are eager to get underway with the experiments, with the desert of New Mexico being the first proposed location to test their research. The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx) will cost $3 million and dump a small amount of calcium carbonate dust into the atmosphere to measure what happens as a result.

SCoPEx is currently being delayed over fears that it could backfire and cause ill-effects such as hurricanes and droughts, as man attempts to interfere with mother nature.

“If you make use of this technology and do it badly or ungoverned, then you can have different kinds of global risks created that can have equal, if not even bigger, challenges to global society than climate change,” said climate expert Janos Pasztor, who has advised the United Nations on climate policy.

“Governments need to engage in this discussion and to understand these issues,” Pasztor added. “They need to understand the risks — not just the risks of doing it, but also the risks of not understanding and not knowing.”

‘Our idea is terrifying… But so is climate change,” team director Lizzie Burns said.

The idea came about from Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, which exploded in 1991. The disaster killed over 700 people and displaced hundreds of thousands of Filipinos, but the fall-out caused ideas to spring about in the minds of scientists.

A chemical cloud was left in the stratosphere following the blast, which resulted in the discharge of 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide. Sulfuric acid rained down afterward for more than a year and reflected sunlight, which resulted in the eventual development of SCoPEx.

The Gates-funded plan will essentially replicate the aftermath of the volcano blast throughout the entire Earth if the Harvard scientists are ultimately successful in their climate-manipulation plans.

A research paper about SCoPEx produced in 2014 can be viewed here.

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