MAD SCIENCE: Trans Puberty Blocking Drug Firm Donated Big To UK Lib-Dems

A feminist researcher has revealed that the UK Liberal Democrats received significant financial support from a firm which makes puberty-blocking drugs ahead of the 2019 British elections.

Jean Hatchet, who investigated political donations to the Lib-Dems via the Electoral Commission website, tweeted out the results early this month, finding that since July 2018, the party received over £334,000 from Ferring Pharmaceuticals, including £100,000 in November in the run-up to the general election.

In total, the company has donated over £1.4 million since 2012.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a Swiss-based firm which produces the chemical Triptorelin, which is used in the forms of Diphereline and Gonapeptyl as a puberty blocker for young girls to begin the process of transitioning. The instructions for Gonapeptyl state that it should only be started in girls under 9 years and boys under 10, far below the age that a person should be at to understand and consent to such a permanently altering and destructive decision.

These generous donations may have affected the Lib-Dems’ political stances. Shortly before the election, leader and former MP Jo Swinson tweeted out promises to “recognize non-binary identities,” “introduce an ‘X’ gender option on passports and extend equality law to cover gender identity and expression,” and require schools to implement “gender-neutral uniform policies” and “break down outdated gender stereostypes [sic] of certain subjects.”

Swinson led the Lib-Dems to a disastrous election performance which led to her losing her seat and stepping down as party leader, after they secured only 11 seats in the 650 seat Parliament, one less than in 2017.

The party’s platform centered on being outspokenly Remain and anti-Brexit, pledging not to fulfill the promise made to the British people after their historic vote to leave the EU, but to cancel the process entirely.

This distinguished them from the Conservatives, whose leader Boris Johnson pledged to “get Brexit done;” and Labour, which under Jeremy Corbyn unsuccessfully attempted to avoid a hard stance on the issue.

The results of the December 2019 election were a blowout win for the Conservatives, who won their largest majority since Thatcher was in power, and a crippling blow to Labour, which suffered a defeat of similarly historic proportions.

The resurgence of the mainstream right in the UK during an election widely interpreted as a referendum on accomplishing Brexit, as well as a popular revolt against the cultural and racial Marxism of the left, is a sign that the British people are thoroughly fed up with parties such as the Lib-Dems which do not represent their interests and seek to push destructive cultural revolution on their families and children.

Unfortunately, the ruling Conservatives have proven ineffectual and hesitant at truly resisting the encroachment of satanic globalism and building a better society for Britain in the past.

For just two examples, Conservative PM Theresa May utterly failed to fight to deliver Brexit, and despite years of Conservatives in power, the NHS currently offers gender transitions to children as young as 3 years old.

If they do not deliver now that they have been handed a historic opportunity to do so, the people of the UK will have to begin looking elsewhere.

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