MADAME PRESIDENT? Draft Ann Coulter Committee Formed To Urge Her To Run

Ann Coulter, Twitter Avi

American for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is launching an effort to draft conservative commentator Ann Coulter to challenge President Donald Trump in the Republican Primaries in 2020.

Coulter was one of Trump’s earliest supporters, who has since become one of his most vocal critics on the right.

Her support for Trump comes from her hard-line opposition to illegal immigration, which she believes the President is not doing enough to stop.

ALIPAC has also been critical, and believes that a more dedicated fighter is needed to tackle the issue of illegal immigration.

“I hope Ann Coulter will give serious consideration to running against Trump in the primary and run on a MAGA platform offering conservative voters a pledge to keep her promises … unlike Trump!” William Gheen, president of ALIPAC told the Washington Times, who first reported this story.

Coulter has, for months given updates on border wall construction, in a move meant to show that not enough is being done.

The tension between the two came to a fever pitch in late December after she published a column titled, “GUTLESS PRESIDENT IN WALL-LESS COUNTRY.”

In response, President Trump un-followed Coulter on Twitter, who was one of the 46 people he followed.

Despite the seeming fall-out, many credit this moment for President Trump beginning the now historic Government shutdown, with the goal of getting border wall funding.

As far back as June of 2015, Coulter was the loudest voice for a Trump Presidency, even while the entire world was laughing at her. So having such harsh words from such an advocate could be what is causing Trump to take the fight head-on.

Even the rumor of her running should put fear into Trump, as it could be a sign of bigger apprehension in his base.

But, as it turns out it is unlikely Trump will ever face Coulter in a primary election, as she declined the opportunity to run, citing her belief that women shouldn’t be in the workforce.

“It’s an honor to be asked by such a patriotic and important organization. They are obviously correct that would make a tremendous president. But unfortunately, I’m against women working,” she told The Washington Times.


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