‘Madrassas of Marxism’: Nigel Farage Slams Bankrupt Educational System Killing the West at CPAC Texas

Brexit hero Nigel Farage gave a rousing defense of Western Civilization during his speech at CPAC Texas on Saturday.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are under attack, under attack as never before, and that threat is not external, no, not even Nancy Pelosi’s one-woman attempt to start the third World War is the biggest threat we face, and it’s not Putin. The biggest threat we face is from within. The biggest threat we face is the fifth column inside all of our countries,” Farage said.

Farage explained how “educational institutions” have been captured by this fifth column to wage war against families, Judeo-Christian values, and our very civilization.

“Kids are not being taught critical thinking, kids are not being taught there are two valid approaches to a problem. Our children are being indoctrinated. Our universities have become madrassas of Marxism, and it needs to change,” he said.

“White privilege did not exist as a term. You didn’t hear about white privilege 10, 20 years ago, and yet, mainstream media ram it down our throats every single day. And that’s just one little example,” Farage added.

He derided the divisive racial agenda from the far left that is meant to pit groups against each other and make young people hate their families and their country.

“None of this is bringing societies together. None of this is aimed at harmony. This is not accidental. What is going on, and it’s happening in the U.S., it’s happening in Canada, it’s happening in the U.K., it’s happening in Australia, it’s happening in New Zealand. It is the English-speaking countries that have got this terrible virus, worse than anywhere else in the world.” Farage said.

“This is a Marxist attempt to break Western Civilization, a Marxist attempt to destroy everything we are, and we are going to fight back hard against it, aren’t we?” he asked, to an overwhelming applause from the audience.

Farage refused to let modern conservative leaders off the hook for their weakness in pushing back against far-left extremism. He said conservative leaders have shown “cowardice” and “fear” in recent years, empowering the Marxists.

“People do not want to be called nasty names, and too many of our elected representatives from conservative parties right across the West are not actually conservatives,” he said.

“You’ve got your RINOs, but hey, didn’t those primaries go the right way last week? Wasn’t that great? And we’re the same! Boris Johnson, elected as a conservative, but chose to govern as a liberal! And Australia, Scott Morrison, a conservative prime minister who locked Australia down in the most vicious way, barely did a single recognizable conservative thing, and of course, he’s gone on to lose the election,” Farage continued.

“The moral of the story is clear: When conservative parties stop being conservatives, they lose. They lose elections! That I think is where the opportunity is here in America. Because let’s be clear about one thing: To save Western Civilization, this is the battleground. Because if America falls, we all fall!” he added.

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