MAGA Social Media Personality Bill Mitchell PERMANENTLY Suspended From Twitter on Technicality

Pro-Donald Trump social media personality Bill Mitchell was permanently suspended from Twitter on Friday, eliminating the presence of one of the biggest online Trump supporters on the platform.

Mitchell had already been placed on a ban for criticizing the use of masks several days before.

The censorious Twitter administrators claimed Mitchell was evading a preexisting seven day ban by logging into an account he had created three years ago. Twitter claimed he is violating site rules by using a preexisting account during the duration of the ban.

Mitchell’s Twitter, @mitchellvii, had more than 590,000 followers. It’s now purged from the politically correct and censorious platform.

Mitchell explained the nature of his seemingly permanent ban on his new Parler account. The pro-Trump online host is expected to use the Twitter alternative account increasingly, now that he’s been forced off the site.

Making inflated claims of “coordination” and inauthentic site manipulation has become a favorite tactic of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, providing the company an alibi for suspending anyone who dares to present right-of-center views on the platform.

It’s probably only a matter of time until only the most stale and banal liberal commentary is allowed on Twitter, a platform that is probably the most aggressive in purging the voices of conservatives, nationalists, and critics of Big Tech.

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