#MaherToo: Ivanka Trump Horrified By Bill Maher’s Sexist Attack

President Donald Trump’s daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump was horrified by a so-called joke that HBO talk show host Bill Maher made attacking her.

Ivanka Trump is featured in Howard Kurtz’s book Media Madness: Donald Trump, The Press, and The War Over The Truth. She was reportedly stunned and appalled at Maher’s disgusting joke insinuating that she was having a sexual relationship with her own father.

Here is the supposed joke that Maher made: “A lot of us thought, ‘Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace’…He’s about to nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and—‘Daddy, Daddy. Don’t do it, Daddy.'”

Maher’s vile comment angered Ivanka Trump, but the First Daughter did not let the gutter-mouthed HBO liberal faze her.

Kurtz reports that Ivanka Trump considered Maher’s remark “beyond inappropriate.” But Ivanka shook off the vicious attack because she was “totally desensitized” to disgusting attacks, according to Kurtz.

Maher is still reeling from a Big League Politics report on his unpublished 1987 book “What I’ve Learned About Women,” in which he shared his views on the opposite sex in gross detail.

Big League Politics reported:

Big League Politics exclusively obtained a copy of this 118-page manuscript, which he decided not to go ahead and publish.

  • Maher tells men to kiss women without asking permission.
  • Maher says that touching a woman unsolicited with an erect penis on the dancefloor is “the highest compliment a man can give to a woman’s sexuality.”
  • Maher tells men that “No” has multiple possible meanings in “female” language and advises men to run “red lights” put up by women.
  • Maher advises men to “Liberate the yes inside that no” after a rejected kiss.
  • Maher tells men not to ask women what they like in bed.

Maher writes about “The Female Predicament,” which he defines as: “The Female Predicament is basically the contradiction a woman has between possessing the same urges and needs as a man, yet simultaneously bearing the responsibility of being the one to put them in check…”

On page 36, Maher writes that “No,” when said by a woman in the context of a romantic approach, does not necessarily mean “No” because the word no has multiple meanings in “female” language…

Maher continues in this passage, explaining that rubbing an erection on a woman while dancing is “the most honest compliment a man can give to a woman’s sexuality.”

“And assume the best,” Maher writes. “We manlymen have the stupidest tendency to do the exact opposite – to shortchange ourselves by thinking that our overtures to a woman might be an imposition. That is never the case if we make those overtures in a gentlemanly fashion, and its taken that way, its the woman who’s fucked up. Any time a man does what it takes to let a woman know he likes her, he’d like to spend time with her, even that he wants to sleep with her, it is a compliment. I often think of the fact that when I was in high school and, it took, like, a gust of wind to give me a hard-on, I used to live in mortal fear that such an act of nature would be detected by a girl if I danced with her. Now, I’m not suggesting that a man should be purposefully brandishing that puppy at the drop of a hat; but I am saying that dancing is foreplay – and if in the course of a tender and sexy moment on the dance floor that foreplay causes the results that foreplay is supposed to cause, well then so be it. I mean, we can’t will an erection into being (well, we can, actually, but in this case give us the benefit of the doubt); its nature’s way of saying “Hi – I like you a lot!” It may not be the subtlest, but it is certainly the most honest compliment a man can give to a woman’s sexuality; as any man will tell you, there’s definitely no room for lying when you’re standing up like a highway pylon. To stand there naked with a major woody, and tell the girl you’re with she’s not turning you on – talk about conflicting signals!”

Bill Maher’s representation has acknowledged Big League Politics’ inquiries on this book but so far has not provided comment on his shocking comments.


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