Maine Democratic Governor’s Education Program Promotes Idea that “MAGA” is a Racist,  White Supremacist Dog Whistle 

According to an instructional video featured on the Maine Department of Education’s website, the use of the slogan “MAGA” is an example of covert racism and white supremacy. 

Ashley Oliver of Breitbart News reported that the video could be found in a “publicly accessible slideshow.” This slideshow showcases content about what makes communities “welcoming and inclusive.” In addition, this slideshow lists off several examples of covert racism and white supremacy that go beyond the use of “MAGA.” Make America Great Again was the main slogan of President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, which channeled the legitimate grievances of working class Americans who had been left behind by the globalist ruling class in Washington DC.

Some of the examples of racism listed off in the video included the following:

“Calling the police on black people,” “white silence,” “colorblindness,” “mass incarceration,” “all lives matter,” “white privilege denial,” “anti-immigration policies,” “meritocracy myth,” “claiming reverse racism,” and “paternalism.” 

Oliver noted that this video forms part of a slideshow, “module”, that the Education Department’s Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education (MOOSE) recommends for high school students. 

One video titled “Racism is a Virus,” can be found on slide 19 of the module.

The 15th slide of the module provides resources for students. Most prominent of these resources include links to Black Lives Matter’s and GLAAD’s websites. 

MOOSE features another module to high schoolers that contains a video called “Root Cause,” which indoctrinates students about “power, privilege, and oppression.” The video lists off “Examples of privileged identities: white, male, cisgender, heterosexual, wealthy.”

“You could be talking about how white people have power over people of color, and it’s important to know that this is a system set up intentionally to deny people equal access to opportunities,” stated Portland Public Schools teacher Andrea Levinsky in the video. 

Levinsky stated, “I also wanted to add that you don’t need all of the privileged identities to have privilege. So, for example, I’m white, so I have white privilege, but I’m also a woman, so I don’t experience privilege with being a woman.”

MOOSE provides various modules that form part of Democratic Governor Janet Mills’ taxpayer-funded education plan that was rolled out back in September 2021. Mills mentioned in the initial stages of the plan’s launch that MOOSE was created to tackle “the academic impact of lost instructional time” following Mills’ recommendation of closing in-person learning in schools for months in 2020 as a response to the Wuhan virus. 

Mills had positive words for the education plan, which was funded by President Joe Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” and ultimately received approval from the federal government. In a statement, Mills declared that the plan was a “welcome step” towards going back to in-person learning.

Democrats are playing for keeps. They have fully embraced a post-national ethos that’s centered on attacking the Historic American Nation. They’re going to use the education system to indoctrinate the masses into accepting anti-white hate. 

In light of these developments, the Right must become vicious. They must retake the public education system and purge it of all leftist influences. The Right should do the same in the private sector. Ultimately, there needs to be an imposition of right-wing values across all these educational institutions because this is where the minds of the youth are molded.

At this point, force, not persuasion, is needed to correct the course. 

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