Maine First Lady Ann LePage tells Boston talk show host Howie Carr about her surprise phone call from Bannon

Howie Care and Maine First Lady Ann LePage File photos)
The First Lady of Maine was the guest Friday of Howie Carr on The Howie Carr Show in Boston, where she told Carr that Stephen K. Bannon wants her to run for Senate in 2018 against Sen. Angus S. King Jr. (I.-Maine).
“Two weeks ago my life was just real simple,” Ann LePage, the wife of  Maine’s Republican Gov. Paul R. LePage. The announced Republican candidate is state Sen. Eric Brakey, who represents a district in the southern part of the state.
Then, she got a surprising phone call from Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, on the other end asking her to run for Senate.
Bannon, who returned to Breitbart after a 12-month stint as the CEO of President Donald J. Trump’s campaign and then, upon the New York developer’s moving to the White House, the president’s chief strategist. Bannon now leads an effort to support the Trump agenda from the outside. The centerpiece of Bannon’s effort is his creating of a slate of nationalist-populist candidates to challenge in 2018 GOP primary candidates, who are aligned with Senate Majority Leader A. Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.).
Carr told LePage: “My producer and I talk to Breitbart people, they tell us they are in contact with you and if your husband doesn’t want to run, they want you to run for the Senate.
Maine’s first lady said there was one phone call.
“They called once. I was driving,” she said. “My daughter called me and told me not to panic, and said that Steve Bannon is going to be calling m–I had to pull over because I was dumbfounded.”
Did Bannon ask you to run? Carr asked her.
“He asked me if I would consider it,” she said.
“He told me to talk to the governor and that he wanted me to meet some people, and to go home and pray about it.  To be honest, I didn’t take it seriously,” she said. “Then I started getting phone calls.”
Enter Steve Robinson, the show’s executive producer, and a Maine native: “America needs Senator Ann LePage.”
Getting serious, the first lady said she husband’s traveling and work schedule have meant that the two have not yet had a real conversation about it.
Besides, she said she already has a job. “I like my waitressing gig.” said Ann.
Carr asked Page if her husband was running again. “If he isn’t interested in running, would you be interested? “said Carr.
“Don’t be coy,” he said.
“Ask him next week when he is on your show,” she said.
Listen to the whole interview here:

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