Maine Senator Angus King Said United States Should Continue Sending Military Aid to Ukraine Until “Putin Is Out”

Maine Senator Angus King stated on January 9, 2023 that the United States should not put forward a specific timetable on aid for Ukraine. In addition, he believes that the US should remain involved in the war until “Putin is out.” King compared the current Russo-Ukrainian conflict with the lead up to World War II.  He cited the Allies’ initial failure to stop Nazi Germany’s military aggression prior to World War II as motivation for the West to not repeat the mistakes of 1939 with regards to Ukraine. To avoid such a disaster, King believes more military aid must be sent to Ukraine. 

Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman of The Libertarian Institute covered how King was asked at a virtual press conference about how long the US should be involved in this conflict.  He responded that aid flows to Ukraine should be maintained for an indefinite period of time. “I believe we should remain there until Putin is out,” he declared.

As the two writers observed, it was unclear “if King was calling for Putin’s removal from power in a coup d’etat, or merely for Russian troops to vacate all Ukrainian-claimed territory.” King conceded that the war is now in a stalemate, but declared that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict would not turn out to be a “20-year struggle” like America’s military escapade in Afghanistan.

During the virtual press conference, King cited a historical need for defeating Russia. 

A significant portion of King’s constituents are skeptical of the US’s military aid project for Ukraine. King tried to rationalize the US government’s massive military venture by giving his own twist to the Bush-era talking point of “We fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.”

“I get letters every now and then, people saying, ‘Why are we doing this? Ukraine’s far away. It’s not our fight.’ Well, it is our fight, because if we don’t fight it now, it will spread,” King stated. “And it will become something that we can’t avoid being involved in, just as occurred in the late 1930s at the beginning of World War II.”

King believes that if Putin is not defeated in Ukraine, he would end up conquering vast parts of Europe. King used the tired comparison of likening Putin to German dictator Adolf Hitler on several occasions. 

King also hinted at the US potentially providing additional aid to Ukraine. He cited allies who are supplying more aid on a relative basis when juxtaposed to their overall gross domestic product. “If you measure it in terms of GDP, we’re between fifth and tenth in the world, and other countries are actually contributing larger shares of their GDP to the defense of Ukraine.”  King added, “Why? Because they recognized, as hopefully we will continue to recognize, that this is really a fight for Western values.”

King’s sentiments are commonplace in DC. Despite being a political independent, King’s views are in line with the DC uniparty and the Deep State that is obsessed with perpetual conflict abroad. If we want a sane foreign policy that advances American interests, elected officials like King must be relieved of the burden of holding higher office.

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