Mainstream Economist Rails Against Rural Whites and Dismisses Concerns About Hollowing Out of American Industry

During a CATO Institute panel discussion that took place on October 6, 2022, Adam Posen, an economist and the President at the Peterson Institute, declared that “The fetish for manufacturing is part of the general fetish for keeping white males of low education outside the cities in the powerful positions they’re in in the US.”

Posen doubled down by observing that “displacements on a large scale” would be brought about via technological innovation. He used the example of personal computers taking the place of secretaries.

However, Newswars casted major doubts about this claim:

This doesn’t quite make sense, however, as many large manufacturing plants in the US are already very-well automated, but still need human workers to keep the plants running efficiently – which will likely be the case in the foreseeable future.

In addition, Newswars highlighted the potential dangers of being so reliant on countries like China for basic imported goods.

“Moreover, several pharmaceutical companies also realized that they are highly dependent on China for few basic medicines and medical supplies and equipment, which were in a considerable shortage throughout 2020,” EOS Intelligence wrote. “This pushed several companies across sectors such as pharmaceuticals, automobiles, and electronic goods, to reconsider their global supply chains to ensure reduced dependence on any one region, especially China.”

Indeed, Posen’s comments reflect a major anti-working class white sentiment among America’s political and academic classes. Many of these globalist elites hate the Historic American Nation, especially its humblest workers. They view them as a major impediment in their implementation of the Great Replacement.

America’s white-working class is a largely independent voting bloc that doesn’t necessarily fall neatly in the two-party system. Moreover, they strongly cling to traditional American values and have a desire to perpetuate themselves.

Due to the surge of populism, the Republican Party has gradually become the party of the white working class. While there’s a lot of work to be done, the GOP must pick up on this trend and double down on their advocacy for immigration restrictionism and targeted protectionism. Those are the most pragmatic steps towards securing this vote.

When the enemy goes out of its way to demonize such a group of people, it would behoove conservative operatives to immediately target these people and get them on their side. Politics is all about the friend/enemy distinction.

Given how the nationalist Right’s existential foe is the globalist class, any enemy of these elites should be treated as a potential ally or at least a strategic partner.  All things considered, the white working class will form the pillar of the GOP’s support base in the newly re-aligned political atmosphere.


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