Mainstream Journalist Spills the Beans on Deep State’s Long-Held Plans for Russia

In a piece by Casey Michel at The Atlantic, talked about how Russia is still a “colonial” power in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Michel argued that Russia is a “haphazard amalgamation of regions and nations with hugely varied histories, cultures, and languages.” Once the Russo-Ukrainian War subsides, Michel noted that “The Kremlin will continue ruling over colonial holdings in places including Chechnya, Tatarstan, Siberia, and the Arctic.”

Michel added that “Russia’s history is one of almost ceaseless expansion and colonization, and Russia is the last European empire that has resisted even basic decolonization efforts, such as granting subject populations autonomy and a meaningful voice in choosing the country’s leaders.” 

The journalist lamented how the US “refused to safeguard the newly won independence of multiple post-Soviet states” during and after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He cited former Vice President Dick Cheney, who was the Secretary of Defense during the George H.W. Bush administration (1989-1993), as someone who offered a dissenting voice to the prevailing policy of keeping Russia’s territories intact. During a National Security Council meeting, Cheney said “We could get an authoritarian regime [in Russia] still. I am concerned that a year or so from now, if it all goes sour, how we can answer that we did not do more.”

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates noted that Cheney “wanted to see the dismantlement not only of the Soviet Union and the Russian empire but of Russia itself, so it could never again be a threat to the rest of the world.”

Once the dust settles from the Russo-Ukrainian War, Michel said “the West must support full freedom for Russia’s imperial subjects.”

Michel concluded that “Until Moscow’s empire is toppled, though, the region—and the world—will not be safe.”

Cheney’s remarks during the collapse of the Soviet Union reveal the strong anti-Russian sentiments held by US foreign policymakers. Michel’s post on The Atlantic further gives credence to these suspicions. 

Joe Biden’s statement in March hinting at regime change in Russia demonstrated long-held Deep State desires of overthrowing the Putin regime and then subjugating Russia. There are many people in DC that have an irrational hatred of Russia and want to do everything possible to undermine it through conventional state means or through subversive NGO action. 

One doesn’t need to be a Putinophile to recognize that such attempts to break Russia could lead to a nuclear escalation. Moreover, a breakup of Russia would give countries like China an opportunity to swoop in and fill a major vacuum in the Russian Far East, thus empowering it and fast-tracking its ascent as the premier Eurasian hegemon. 

Long-term thinking has never been a strong suit of the DC Blob, which continues to pursue myopic policies against whichever country it deems an enemy, long-term consequences be damned. This is a recipe for the US sleepwalking into a military conflict of epic proportions. 

The rising America First movement is the only political movement that’s willing to reject fantastical foreign policy proposals and focus on confronting America’s real enemies — the DC Swamp class. 

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