Mainstream Media, Liberal Establishment Instantly Snaps Back to Social Distancing Scolding After Completely Ignoring Protests

It’s embarrassing enough for the mainstream media that it’s conveniently forgotten every fearmongering claim directed against Americans deciding to break away from the practice of social distancing the second the George Floyd race riots surfaced, disregarding their own demands on the restrictions of mass gatherings in support of a progressive protest movement.

Now, the scolds appear to have suddenly rediscovered their scolding instincts, with CNN showman Jim Acosta returning to form. The stuntman scolded the White House for rearranging chairs in the Rose Garden, claiming the Trump administration was failing to abide by social distancing guidelines in doing so.

Acosta, and the rest of the mainstream media, seems to have largely forgotten about social distancing concerns as rioters, looters and protestors congregate in large formations that range in the thousands. Obviously such a mass gathering is an acute coronavirus transmission threat, but the media doesn’t care if the riots can be weaponized against Trump.

A Twitter search of Acosta’s mention of social distancing doesn’t bring up a single instance of the fanatic liberal operative mentioning that the Floyd protestors are flagrantly violating.

In a remarkable display of callous hypocrisy, it seems Acosta has even scolded the anti-lockdown protestors for failing to abide by social distancing. In most instances, the anti-lockdown protestors gathered in groups that were considerably smaller than the rioters and protestors, and plenty of anti-lockdown protests did include social distancing measures.

Other establishment liberals have openly touted their hypocrisy in allowing the Floyd mass gatherings to continue while restricting other less crowded forms of gatherings to occur, such as religious services. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed that ‘400 years of racism’ was grounds for Floyd protestors to flat-out ignore social distancing guidelines.

Johns Hopkins epidemiologist Jennifer Nuzzo is another nominal ‘expert’ flagrantly disregarding any notion of her own credibility, claiming that the risk of “systematic racism” exceeded the threat of the virus, and thus justified the dangerous gatherings.

It’s about power. Namely, securing it in absolute fashion for the political left.

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