Mainstream Outlets are Waking Up to Trump’s Concerns about the WHO

Mainstream outlets are starting to recognize that Trump’s suggestion to investigate the World Health Organization are valid.

Robert Wright of Wired penned an article talking about Trump’s press conference where he stated that the WHO are “very biased toward China” and was “looking into” freezing US funding for the WHO.

Although Wright was not in favor of cutting funding to the WHO, he conceded that the “organization could have performed better in the early stages of the contagion, and there’s at least some reason to suspect that people at WHO knowingly and consequentially misled us.”

Wright stated that “Institutions of international governance, like institutions of national governance, are prone to a particular form of corruption: they’re inclined to serve powerful interests at the expense of their mission.”

Based on speculation, China attempted to “cover up” the Wuhan Virus outbreak and the WHO helped facilitate this.

Wright noted the following:

The most damning piece of evidence is a WHO tweet on Jan. 14 reporting that “preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.” This came 18 days after a group of doctors notified Wuhan health officials of a disturbing cluster of illnesses, and 14 days after both China’s national government and WHO were officially notified. Is it really plausible that officials in Beijing or at WHO still doubted that the illness was moving from person to person?

However, as a strong advocate of global governance, Wright posits a different scenario:

A more likely scenario is that the Chinese government was scrambling to figure out how bad the problem was, and in the meanwhile it didn’t want to start a panic in China or tarnish its name abroad. So it did what institutions of various kinds have long done when faced with a public relations crisis. It said the most reassuring thing that was technically true: preliminary investigation hadn’t found “clear evidence” of human-to-human transmission. And it hoped it would find a way to control the contagion before it spread far within China or spread abroad. If it succeeded (and people have an amazing capacity to embrace best-case scenarios amid public relations crises), then this tactical deception wouldn’t come back to haunt it.

Wright still believes in the WHO and thinks that it could be tweaked.

Nevertheless, when mainstream commentators are at least acknowledging that president Trump may be on to something, we are on the right path.

The ultimate goal is to ignore globalist institutions like the WHO and shore up our border security to prevent future pandemics and other globalist-related maladies.

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