Majority of Afghan Migrants Are on the Public Dole

As a result of the US’s intervention in Afghanistan and its relatively open borders immigration policies, the number of Afghan migrants has increased significantly over the past 20 years. 

According to new analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the number of Afghans living in the US more than tripled from 2001 (44,000) to 2019 (133,000). John Binder of Breitbart News highlighted that “California remains home to the largest Afghan population in the U.S. with about 54,000 Afghans residing in the state, while about 24,000 live in Virginia and 10,000 live in Texas.”

One of the shocking findings that CIS uncovered in its study is how much Afghans in the US financially struggle.  

“We also found that a large faction, by no means all, struggle in the United States,” CIS Director of Research Steven Camarota declared in recent comments.

Per Camarota’s research, north of 65% of households led by Afghan immigrants rely on at least one significant form of welfare —  be it food stamps, cash transfer, or Medicaid. When other forms of public assistance are included in these numbers — for example, free school lunch and public housing, those numbers grow large. “These high rates of welfare use would almost certainly be much higher,” Camarota observed.

By contrast, less than 25% of native-born Americans use one significant form of welfare. For some perspective, 19% of Afghan immigrant households use food stamps, but that total soared to 35% in 2019.

In a similar vein, nearly 51% of Afghan immigrant households live in or close to the American poverty line. On the other hand, 27% of native-born Americans live in or live close to poverty.

Binder detailed how ingrained poverty is among Afghan immigrants:

More closely, about 1-in-4 households headed by Afghan immigrants live in poverty compared to less than 2-in-16 households headed by native-born Americans. The share of children in Afghan households who live in poverty is more than twice that of the children who live in American households.

Despite these alarming figures, the Biden administration is still going through an enormous resettlement operation to bring in Afghans to the US. According to Binder, Biden has plans of importing  95,000 Afghans to the US for permanent resettlement. This comes at a price tag of at least $6.4 billion.

Unfortunately, this may be only the beginning. The modern-day Democratic Party is fully committed to the demographic replacement of the Historic American Nation. The Republican Party of yore has been complicit in this endeavor, however, the rise of populism is changing the game. 

The battle of the upcoming decade will be between the national populists within the GOP and the open borders/pro-cheap labor hangovers in the party. The former must win out for any form of immigration sanity to come about in America. 

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