Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Handling of Chinese Virus Pandemic

According to the most recent polling President Trump’s leadership in the midst of the Chinese Virus Pandemic has given him a 55% approval rating among voters, up 12% from polls just a week ago.

The uptick in support appears to stem from President Trump’s approach of daily press conferences, his strong and sober tones towards the rhetoric and propaganda of China, and the clarity and professionalism of those in his COVID-19 task force.

Polling has also has shown that because of his management of the virus outbreak, President Trump has gained support among Republicans and nearly doubled his support among Democrats.

Last week 86% of Republicans approved of the President’s handling of the pandemic, this week the number is up to 92%. While among Democrats 30% support the President’s efforts, doubling from only 14% a week ago.

The polling also found a dramatic increase in the number of Americans who said their life has been disrupted by the Chinese Virus pandemic surging to 72% from just 26% from last week. Additionally 79% of Americans say they’re concerned that they or someone they know will become infected with the virus, up from 66% who said as much in the last poll.


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