Mamma Mia! Italy Scores a Big Win Against Illegal Immigration

EU border agency Frontex disclosed new statistics showing the effectiveness of Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s immigration policies.

Salvini has reduced illegal immigration drastically since assuming office on June 1, 2018. According to Il Giornale, Mediterranean migrant route numbers plummeted drastically from 118,962 in 2017 to 23,276 in 2018. This 80 percent decline transpired following the establishment of the populist coalition government of Salvini’s Lega party and the Five Star Movement.

The 2018 illegal immigrant numbers in Italy are the lowest since 2012. However, it seems that these migrant patterns are shifting towards Italy’s Mediterranean counterpart in Spain. Since Spain’s socialist government took control in 2018, the country has witnessed a 157 percent increase in the number of migrants taking sea routes.

Because of this increased migration, Spain may be on the verge of experiencing its own populist moment, as right-wing parties are projected to make a big splash in the 2019 European elections.

Roberto Calderoli, the Vice-President of the Italian Senate and a member of Salvini’s Lega, praised Salvini’s efforts.

Calderoli chimed in on Frontex’s latest report:

“This confirms that the Italian policy, implemented by Minister Salvini and the Government of change, works and produces concrete results, even in terms of lives saved, because Frontex confirms that the departures from Libya fell by 87 percent.”

Frontex’s numbers don’t lie, which Calderoli acknowledged:

“These are irrefutable numbers, which contradict what the left has done in the last five years, when it was, unfortunately, in government, and had brought in over 600 thousand immigrants.”

Leaders like Salvini and Calderoli knew what was at stake with the EU’s continuance of open borders and how it was negatively impacting Italy:

“We saw that the invasion could be stopped and Salvini did it.”

Frontex’s numbers are line with the Italian Interior Ministry’s reports indicating that illegal migration levels have fallen by 95 percent as of January 2019 when compared to January 2018.

Salvini’s policies have struck a positive chord with Italian voters, with projections of Lega winning the most seats in Italy in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Despite all the doomsday prophecies from the globalist political establishment, Populism continues to be on the rise throughout Europe.

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