Man Arrested After Being Identified By 4Chan for Trying to Kill Dog


A man who attempted to kill a stranger’s dog during a road rage incident last week has been arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty involving torture and torment of a living creature after being identified by users of the 4chan message board /pol/.

A witness video uploaded to YouTube showing the assailant ripping a couple’s pet dog from their vehicle and throwing it at least 30 feet during the incident last Wednesday. Immediately, the internet sprang into action to identify him.

Soon after the hunt began, 4chan moderators started temporarily banning people and deleting the threads for doxing, so the investigation was moved to Discord.

According to screenshots provided to Big League Politics by one of those involved in the search, the anons originally tracked the license plate number to a local restaurant. Once they had the business name they began finding the social media pages of employees — eventually getting one to provide the name of their coworker — 22-year-old Marc Dionne.

After confirming that Dionne was the right guy based on his social media photos, the information was sent by the message board users to law enforcement and animal control — leading to his arrest. The user, who goes by “Kyle Black” on Twitter, also stated that they have reason to believe that he is involved with his local Antifa group, based on those he interacts with on his Facebook page.

The victims, Gary and Linda Kaey, say that Dionne was weaving in and out of traffic and driving erratically. Their newborn grandchild was also in the vehicle with them.

“He got out of his car, jumped on the roof of my car and started stomping on my roof,” Gary Kaey told NBC. “Then from that part, I got out of the car to take him off.”

Kaey and Dionne ended up in a physical altercation — which the grandfather was winning.

“I knew I couldn’t leave my granddaughter so I just sat there screaming until I could open the door looking for help,” Linda Kaey added.

Humiliated after being taken down by a punch from the much older man, Dionne got up and reached inside the vehicle — grabbing the family’s 12-year-old miniature pinscher Daphna and throwing him approximately 30 feet with no concern about the busy traffic.

“The sad part is he tried to hurt me by throwing my dog,” said Gary Keay.

Daphna survived and ran back to the Kaey’s, as Dionne fled the scene.

After being posted on Discord and /Pol/, everything about the man was dug up, including the YouTube channel for his former band “Super Movies.” The band responded to the incident in a“This is not a band that supports dog throwing,” his former bandmate said while laughing. He also expressed his relief that the dog is safe. video saying that they no longer associate with Dionne and do not condone animal cruelty.

Dionne’s mother is also speaking out, but she believes that her son is the real victim in this situation — not the innocent dog that he launched 30 feet through the air.

“I think the man should be punished for assaulting my son,” Dionne’s mother Jessica Borg told CBS2.

“Unfortunately without thinking, Marc was trying to get the guy away from him, and therefore he reached into the car. He’s not an animal hater, he’s an animal lover,” she added.

Those responsible for tracking her son down disagree, however.

“We saw an innocent dog being hurt and wanted to step up to make sure the perp was caught. /pol/ is made up of a lot of people — and a lot of us are good people, despite what liberals would like most to believe. We aren’t all Nazis,” Black told Big League, noting that he is Japanese and Spanish. “It’s really amazing what a group of computer savvy people can do when they are motivated by good, like finding an animal abuser from a blurry license plate screen shot.”

“Also, Vlad gave his okay on it so you know we have to do it for Mother Russia,” he joked.

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