Man Behind Vehicular Attack on US Capitol Identified as Nation of Islam Devotee Noah Green

The man who died on Friday after attacking barricades around the US Capitol has been identified as 25-year old Noah Green.

Green was a fervent devotee of the Nation of Islam religion, a sect affiliated with Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is well-known for promoting anti-White and anti-Jewish sentiment.

Green’s personal Facebook clearly identifies him as a “follower of Farrakhan.”

Green’s Facebook page is filled with content espousing the Nation of Islam religion.

Imagery of Green being wheeled away into an ambulance after the attack surfaced shortly after the event. Green later died after the event, with a Capitol Police officer succumbing to injuries he inflicted during the vehicle ramming attack. Another police officer had to be hospitalized.

Green has been described in initial media reports as an Indiana resident, although pictures on his Facebook page suggest he was affiliated with a Virginia community college. He recounted losing his job in a post in March, suggesting the attack on the Capitol could’ve had a suicidal motive.

Green’s Facebook was locked down within minutes of his identity being revealed, suggesting the platform itself censored the account.

The situation continues to develop, and Big League Politics is closely monitoring for further updates.

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