Man Reveals Penis in Women’s Spa, Staff Defend Allowing It

A series of Instagram uploads posted late last week showed a mother in Los Angeles, California confronting staff at Wi Spa regarding their allowance of a man in the women’s section. The man allegedly entered the women’s hot tub, revealing his genitalia while sitting next to various females, some of whom were underaged.

An uploaded video begins with the woman saying to a staff member “It’s okay for a man to go into the woman’s section, show his penis around other women, young little girls, underaged, your spa, Wi Spa, condones that, is that what you’re saying?” 

Throughout the interaction the staff can be seen consistently arguing with the patron, repeatedly reaffirming that they are okay with a naked man in the women’s section because he ‘identifies as a woman.’ Much of the staff interaction is unintelligible due to the audio quality and wearing of the mask.

“What sexual orientation? I see a dick. It lets me know he’s a man. He is a man… okay there are girls down there, other women, who are highly offended for what they just saw. And you did nothing, absolutely nothing. In fact, you sided with him. So Wi Spa is in agreement with men who just say ‘they are a woman’ and they can go down there with their penis and get into the women’s section? Is that what you’re saying?”

The staff member appears to start making a legal argument of some kind, to which the mother replied “really? What law? What law?”

The video also has a couple of other customers interject, with another woman saying “we’re not going to come back here.” 

One of these customers, a white male, chimed in as well, asking the disgruntled customer “Are you talking about a transgender person?” and then saying to the woman “you’re being a dick” after she explained that the other customer was in fact a man with male genitalia.

The video concludes with the mother telling the white male “It must be hard not being a real man, huh? Try it,” and then conversing with other women who were victims of the incident. The clip, osted by Instagram account @cubanaangel, was followed by other uploads as well.

Incidents involving men encroaching on the rights of women have lately picked up steam nationwide, with the Olympics now allowing men to compete against women in strength-related sports.

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