Man Stabbed in London Bridge Attack Feels Bad Calling Attacker a Muslim Terrorist (VIDEO)

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A video of an Australian man who was reportedly the victim of the London Bridge terror attack is going viral on the left because of his inspiring positivity just after the horrific event — yet they’re failing to mention the most shocking thing about the man’s statements.

While applying pressure to the open wounds on his neck and the side of his cheek, Andrew Morrison states that he feels bad even describing his attacker as what he was — an Islamic terrorist.

The video begins with Morrison describing seeing what appeared at the time to be a fight in the street after walking out of a pub. The next thing he knew, a terrorist had approached him with a knife and was lunging towards him.

“What was he wearing?” the person filming asks.

“No idea man, I wouldn’t know,” Morrison replies.

“Was he wearing a mask?”

“No, no mask — he looked like — I hate it because…”

“Go on, say it,” the man filming prompts.

“I know the thing with Muslims and terrorists…” the victim slowly began — seemingly unsure if he should actually say who the man was, before blurting out “he looked a fucking Muslim terrorist.”

Last January in Germany, a young politician and left-wing activist named Selin Gören was gang raped by three men. Instead of trying to get the dangerous men arrested — she lied about the descriptions and identities of her attackers in fear that it would fuel racism.

In an open letter to her attackers which was posted on Facebook, the victim had wrote:

“I am really sorry that your sexist and line-crossing treatment of me could help fuel aggressive racism,” Gören wrote in an open letter to her attackers on Facebook.

She continued on to write that she “will not stand by and watch, and it can happen that racists and concerned citizens name you as the problem. You’re not the problem. You’re usually a wonderful human being who deserves as much as any other to be safe and free.”

“I will not stand by and watch and let it happen that racists and concerned citizens name you as the problem,” Gören asserted.

Twelve hours after her initial police report, where she had omitted the fact that the rapists were speaking Arabic and Farsi, claiming it was a “mixed group” of foreigners and locals who spoke German, she confessed to the police who the real perpetrators were.

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