Man Who Lived Third Of Life As Trans Woman Blames ‘Activist’ Therapist For Upside Down Life

Brian Wagoner dedicated nearly ten years of his life as a transgender woman by the name of Brianna. Since February, he has detransitioned, and is now calling out his “activist” doctor who he views as responsible for the decade-long “mistake.”

“Coming out of my transition was like leaving the Twilight Zone,” Wagoner said to The New York Post. “But the rest of society is still in it.”

Wagoner explained, referring to the estrogen treatment he was put on for years, that “it was basically like medical professionals cheering on a girl with bulimia for puking up her lunch when her ribs are already poking out.”

“There’s a lot of money to be made by doctors here. They see the dollar signs, and in the end, money talks,” he continued.

Although Wagoner claims he was always a typical boy who liked “Legos and trucks,” he noted that he was gay. Then hinting at why he might have been so susceptible to this transition in the first place. As he would share, the closeted teen dabbled with drugs, then an online gay porn addition which inevitably led him towards transgender fetish content.

This is what first sparked Wagoner’s “sudden feeling of gender dysphoria.”

As Wagoner would later admit, this “weird fetish” was distorted by his therapist, who overlooked the now 22-year-old’s severe depression and addiction to drugs to push hormones and a gender transition.

“The idea that I’d be a heterosexual woman and not a gay man was just really appealing to me,” Wagoner said. “I was so sick of being Brian the ‘f-g.’ I just liked the idea of being literally anyone else.”

“At my college, I was basically like a minor celebrity for being trans,” he continued. “I got a lot of praise, and people suddenly wanted to be my friend.”

Wagoner, after living a third of his life as a woman, has cut out the estrogen and begun detransitioning. He thankfully never got the surgery, but still says he suffers from “painful urination and an inflamed pelvic area due to his estrogen treatment.”

Wagoner now blames this therapist for taking advantage of someone that was truly lost and misguided: “My therapist really was an activist who also happened to be a psychologist,” he said.

“I probably should have been put in a psychiatric hospital, not given estrogen. I just needed someone to listen to me, but this woman had me go and change my body’s chemistry and my whole life.”

Get ready for the never-ending influx of these tragic stories as more destransitioners begin to gain the courage to speak out. This saga is just getting started.

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