Manhunt Ensues After Prisoners Escape Australian Coronavirus Quarantine Camp

A manhunt has proceeded after several prisoners(who haven’t been convicted of any crime) escaped from a mandatory quarantine prison near Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. Australian police captured three prisoners who fled after being incarcerated in the camp, which is known as “Howard Springs Center for National Resilience.”

Police have indicated three youths scaled a fence keeping them inside the prison. The authorities warned locals to stay away from the area following the escape, with considerable law enforcement resources utilized to capture the dangerous fugitives. The three escapees were arrested later Wednesday, seeming not to make it far away from Howard Springs.

Authorities set up checkpoints around Howard Springs after the escape. The three teenagers who escaped hadn’t even tested positive for the virus- they had close proximity to someone who did. Police sources indicate that the three youths were captured after a chase on foot. The youths could face fines amounting to thousands of dollars for disobeying the directive of an Australian health officer.

Another man previously scaled the fence and attempted to escape through a waiting car in Darwin.

These people didn’t choose to be there. Australians who return to the Northern Territory from overseas are required to conduct a quarantine at one of two facilities, for a mandatory duration of fourteen days.

Australia has some of the most draconian and authoritarian coronavirus policies in the world, with law enforcement breaking up protests, surveilling critics of government policies, and ripping away freedoms from Australians who decline to receive the vaccine.

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