Manhunt Underway for Illegal Alien who Killed California Police Officer

Law Enforcement in California are currently undertaking a manhunt for an illegal alien accused of murdering a police officer in the City of Newman, in Stanislaus County.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department thus far has declined to provide a name for the suspect being sought, on the basis of waiting to be absolutely certain of it. However, county authorities seem to have enough of a grasp on the suspect’s identity to describe him as someone who is in the country illegally.

The suspect is sought in regards to the Wednesday murder of a Newman Police Officer, Ronil Singh. According to the Sheriff’s Department, Singh had stopped the suspect as part of a DUI investigation early Wednesday morning. He reported that shots had been fired shortly afterwards, and Officer Singh was found at the scene with gunshot wounds.

Sources within local law enforcement described Singh as a 7-year veteran of the small Newman Police Department, and as an immigrant from the small Pacific island nation of Fiji. Tragically, he had a five-month old son. If the initial reports about the killer’s immigration prove to be correct, the situation would represent a case in which an illegal alien murdered someone who by all appearances seemed to be an upstanding legal immigrant who was giving back to his community, in the capacity of serving as a police officer.

President Trump tweeted about the developing situation Thursday afternoon, highlighting the tragedy as an event that could have been possibly prevented with the implementation of tough new immigration laws and a border wall:

Municipal and federal law enforcement continue to search across California for the suspect, of whom a photo was released. He was last seen fleeing the scene of the incident in a white Ford F150 pickup truck, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

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