Marches Against Sharia Law to Take Place Nationwide in June

ACT for America

On June 10, people in at least 27 cities will gather to march for human rights — and against Sharia Law. The nationwide day of protest is being organized by ACT for America, a grassroots organization that is the self-proclaimed “NRA of national security.”

The New York City event is being organized by Pax Hart, a writer and political commentator. Big League Politics spoke to him about what attendees should expect — and why it is so important to join the march and speak out.

“When ACT for America asked me to organize the New York City March Against Sharia, I assumed it was going to be me and a couple of guys standing on a street corner while liberals called us ‘racists’ and whipped batteries at us and we would have zero support,” Hart told Big League Politics. “For about a week, we even considered changing the name to a generic ‘Human Rights March’ to stay under the radar of AntiFa and jihadists.”

Hart, and his co-organizer John Vaccaro, ultimately decided that they would go all in — as the point of the event is to publicly speak out against the “intimidation of political and radical Islam and defy the Left, who is trying to shut down any discussion of cultural jihad and creep of Sharia penal code within the U.S.”

Once the organizers decided to fully embrace why they are protesting, they contacted the Oath Keepers for support and security — and began advertising the event. The response and interest in attending was massive. The NYC march will feature an array of speakers including the comedian and political commentator Gavin McInnes, journalist Chadwick Moore, Scott Presler of ACT for America, Frank Morganthaler of the New York State Oath Keepers, Chalaire Miller, and Josh Youssef.

“There were initially 18 other March Against Sharia rallies scheduled for June 10. After Manchester, people were furious and started contacted us through Twitter to find out how they could organize a rally in their own city. I think it’s now up to 27 cities,” Hart said.

Given the hostility against anyone who dares to speak out against Sharia or Islamic terrorism, we asked Hart if he had any concerns about his event being the target or antifa — or worse, a terrorist attack.

“I started working with the NYPD very early. They’ve been amazingly supportive. They know conservative and patriot groups aren’t violent, cop-hating mobs looking to cause chaos and mayhem,” Hart stated. “The Oath Keepers are mostly retired military and law enforcement. Their involvement, plus the NYPD, allowed us to have this rally without fear of being attacked by liberals.”

“Even though AntiFa has already been trashing us and calling on their members to shut us down, we’re not worried about them for the Manhattan event,” he added.

Hart explained that though antifa groups have been allowed to run the show in places like Berkeley and San Jose, they have not been able to gain a meaningful foothold in New York City — due to the NYPD having a “zero-tolerance policy for violent, leftist uprisings.”

“I was blocks away from the first Trade Center bombing and I worked there on 9/11. I’m not worried about angry kids and paid protesters showing up with whistles,” Hart said, referencing the counter protesters who had shown up to Pamela Gellers protest against Sharia Law and Linda Sarsour in NYC last week. Demonstrators with the Revolutionary Communist Party had shown up with whistles to attempt to prevent rally goers from hearing the speakers.

As far as Islamic terrorism, Hart stated that “New York City has the most sophisticated counter-terrorism unit in the world. We have absolute confidence that we’re going to have a great time and they’ll have the situation under control.”

When asked why this issue is so important to him, Hart had plenty to say.

“We’ve had 8 years being told we cannot discuss violent, radical Islam and the creep of Sharia penal code into local ordinances, case law and campus speech codes. We’ve been told that Islam is the Religion of Peace as we watch Americans, Europeans, Christians, and other Muslims die in the name of Islam and we’re bigots if we say otherwise. Eventually, you have to say, ‘go ahead, call me a bigot. I know what I’m seeing with my own eyes,’” Hart said.

He added that, “everywhere on the planet that Islam has a significant presence, there’s bloodshed, savagery, oppression and intimidation.”

“Sharia is the most fascistic, homophobic, misogynistic, intolerant ideology on the planet. At its root is militant conquest. That the political Left has embraced and is defending this is tantamount to communist totalitarianism or Nazism,” Hart told BLP. “The radical Left, in their hatred for America and the West, is holding the door open for conquest, just as they colluded with Stalin during the Cold War by harboring Soviet spies.”

Hart explained that “the moderate Left’s strategy is: bend over backwards to give Islamists whatever they want, keep our entire society on eggshells to not offend them, and maybe they’ll stop killing us.”

“In the 80’s, gay activists coined the phrase ‘Silence = Death’ in response to the AIDS crisis. I think that fits well with an ideology that calls for your assassination if you criticize or leave it,” he added. “We spent 70 years watching nations fall to communist totalitarianism. We are watching the same thing happen with Islam. As long as we cower in fear, and cave to intimidation and bullying by groups like CAIR, Islam will never be forced to reform its underlying ideology of conquest and learn to get along with other cultures.”

When asked if he has faced personal or professional backlash over his involvement in this event, Hart explained that he lost 90% of his liberal, New York City friends as well as a great job in finance while appearing as a commentator on CNN after being branded a “white nationalist bigot” for supporting Trump. As a gay man, he explained that the worst backlash was from the LGBTQ community.

“I’m gay, and some of the worst backlash I experienced was from liberal gays, who are convinced Mike Pence is going to start giving them shock treatment and that Hillary’s 65,000 Syrian refugees were all going to be LGBT allies. I’m now called an Uncle Tom for supporting Trump,” Hart explained. “The only friends left after the election are a group of hard-core, Manhattan conservatives and libertarians who are completely behind me on the Sharia March.”

He added, “I do consulting in technology and my clients are all conservatives who will be there in their MAGA hats.”

The New York City march will take place from 10 a.m. through 1 p.m. in Foley Square.

You can find your local march here.

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