Marco Rubio Bangs War Drums With Cryptic Tweet of Gaddafi Assasination

Florida Senator Marco Rubio sought to enhance his international reputation as a great humanitarian by tweeting pictures of the 2011 execution of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Rubio is currently spearheading efforts to bring about a regime change in Venezuela.

Gaddafi had been captured by Islamist rebels and summarily executed after a brief civil war in 2011.

Rubio’s gone on to tweet photos of numerous other dictators and illiberal leaders in a “before/after” setting.

Rubio’s experiences clamoring for regime change in Libya don’t seem to have led him to question another regime operation in Venezuela. The American-led NATO operation that intervened in the Libyan Civil War to overthrow Gaddafi is widely thought to have ended in disaster, as the North African country is largely a failed state today, eight years later.

The formerly stable(by regional standards) nation now is a host to a massive human trafficking and slave trading criminal element. It’s also a host to one of the biggest ISIS presences in the Arab world.

A repeat of the disastrous experience of Libyan regime change in Venezuela would have damaging consequences throughout Latin America, and negative repercussions in the United States as well. If sustained efforts to remove Venezuela’s dictatorial President Nicolas Maduro boil into open and sustained conflict, it’s possible millions of Venezuelans could be compelled to flee not only their own country but South America entirely, seeking refuge in United States.

Neoconservative elements embedded within the Trump administration continue to clamor for the removal of Maduro regardless of the geopolitical consequences for the United States. Rubio has made it clear he favors “multilateral” foreign intervention in the troubled Latin American nation.


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