Marco Rubio Gives a Tepid Response Towards Agitators in New Mexico Who Wanted to Destroy the Monument of a Spanish Hero

A former city council candidate, Steven Ray Baca, shot an agitator, Scott Williams, on June 15, 2020 after he was being surrounded by a mob of protestors in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Baca was arrested for aggravated battery.

The entire incident took place as agitators got together in attempt to remove a statue of Spanish conqueror Juan de Oñate.According to the Washington Post, Williams confronted Baca and allegedly swung “a board…[at] Baca’s upper body and head”, which prompted Baca to shoot Williams.”

Like clockwork, Florida Senator Marco Rubio tweeted on June 16, 2020 about the incident.

He commented:

In video obtained by a local tv reporter a man,who she reports didn’t appear to have ties with local vigilante militia,is attacked by group trying to bring down a statue. Then someone fired shots. This is what anarchy looks like & it must end.

Although the U.S. is in disarray, we should not pretend that the Left is innocent in any of these exchanges.

They are engaging in heinous acts of iconoclasm and will do whatever it takes to carry out these acts.

When police aren’t present to preserve public order, armed civilians will take their place.

It’s time that our leaders take a stand against this orgy of iconoclasm and start laying down the hammer on radicals who disturb the peace and threaten other people’s lives.

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