Marine Gets Banned From Tinder Over Picture With Ted Cruz

Tinder Bans Marine Ted Cruz

United States Marine Infantryman Greg Aselbekian uploaded a photo of himself with Sen. Ted Cruz to Tinder, and was promptly banned from the popular dating app for violating its terms of service as a result.

After Aselbekian was punished by Tinder for uploading a photo of himself in his Marine dress uniform, he replaced the offending photo with an image of himself standing next to Cruz. Fearing it may be removed, Aselbekian captured a screen shot of the image on his profile.

Soon after, Aselbekian was notified by Tinder that it was banning him from the platform, presumably for posting two offending images.

Speaking to Big League Politics, Aselbekian notes that another Tinder user, who he presumably chose not to “match” with, was allowed to post a photo of herself with former President Bill Clinton, an alleged rapist.

According to Aselbekian, his Tinder account “was removed about 20 minutes after I uploaded the Cruz pic, and I took a screenshot because I knew they’d take it down.” He added, “But having a picture next to a [alleged] rapist is okay?”

I logged into Tinder to message one of my (many) matches and I got the notification saying that my account was banned,” he added.

The infantryman first had an image of himself in his dress uniform removed by Tinder over Memorial Day weekend.

Big League Politics reported:

Aselbekian confirmed to Big League Politics that his military uniform must have triggered someone at Tinder, as it was removed from his profile with only a vague explanation as to why it is not fit for the dating platform.

I woke up this morning and logged onto tinder and got a notification saying that they removed my main picture – the image of me in my dress blues – because it apparently violated their terms of service,” wrote Aselbekian. “It’s Memorial Day Weekend, what great timing, too.”

He added that he had, by chance, saved a screen shot of his Tinder profile featuring him in his uniform, and was thus able to provide the image to Big League Politics.

The infantryman was also recently censored by Facebook for joking that the platform would ban conservatives over virtually anything, including asserting that the sky is blue.

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