Marjorie Taylor Greene Hits Dan Crenshaw’s ‘Loser Mentality’ for Refusing to Stand with President Trump

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the firebrand conservative recently elected to be a U.S. Congresswoman by the people of Georgia earlier this week, is slamming Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) for his “loser mentality” in his refusal to stand steadfastly with President Donald Trump.

Crenshaw released a couple of tweets demonstrating his unwillingness to fight for President Trump:

Considering Crenshaw’s history as being a Never Trumper, it should not be a surprise that he is not standing with President Trump when it matters. Greene took umbridge with Crenshaw’s weakness and called him out.

Crenshaw responded with an extremely arrogant contemptuous response that is typical of the lawmaker who has earned the moniker “McCain 2.0.”

She bulldozed him with a follow-up tweet pointing out his equivocating brand of leadership:

Gun rights enthusiast Kaitlin Bennett is another empowered GOP woman who is joining Greene in opposing Crenshaw:

Author Ryan Girdusky backed up Bennett when Crenshaw attempted to dismiss her legitimate critic of his awful record:

Big League Politics has reported about Crenshaw’s record extensively. In addition to his history of supporting gun control and hating President Trump, he is also embracing government solutions to climate change:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) recently came out of the closet, outing himself as a so-called “rational environmentalist” in a Facebook video repeating leftist talking points about the evil of carbon emissions.

“I’m an environmentalist. And I know climate change is real,” Crenshaw said to open his video.

“I’m also rational – and I know that wasting your tax dollars on crazy Green New Deals will put millions out of work and drastically increase your electric bill and your taxes,” he added.

Crenshaw is trying to stake out a middle ground in which he cedes some ground to the Left in order to get in the so-called “national discussion” on environmental policy. This is a rehash of the weak brand of compassionate Republicanism that resulted in eight years of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House.

He claims that his plan is to “make America the world leader in clean energy” by reducing carbon emissions.

“I’m Dan Crenshaw, and I approve this message because if we come together, we can put America on the path to a new energy frontier,” he said to conclude his video.

The full Facebook video can be seen here.

While Crenshaw may just be outing himself as an environmentalist right now, Big League Politics has noted his capitulations to Democrats on the issue.

If the Republican Party will remain an “America First” party in the years to come, they will have to reject Crenshaw and follow Greene’s example for strong conservative leadership.

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