Mark McCloskey Will Speak at Republican National Convention After Heroically Defending His Home Against Marauding BLM Rioters

The man who defended his property from an armed, riotous mob of Black Lives Matter protestors is slated to speak at the digital Republican National Convention next week.

Mark McCloskey’s lawyer announced his client would speak in the proceedings, and promised that McCloskey would display “full oratory splendor.”

McCloskey is currently facing bunk charges of brandishing a weapon leveled by George Soros-funded Democrat Saint Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner. Both Missouri Governor Mike Parson and President Donald Trump have suggested they’ll pardon McCloskey in the event of a wrongful conviction.

New developments in the McCloskey case show a pattern of misconduct on the part of municipal prosecutors, with one subordinate prosecutor pressuring a police officer into signing a probable cause document he refused to approve of.



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