Mark Sanford, ‘Never Trump’ Loser, Considers Presidential Run Against Trump in 2020

Former South Carolina Congressman and Governor Mark Sanford, who was bounced from Congress in a primary election last year after doggedly opposing the President, is now considering a presidential run against Trump in 2020.

“Sometimes in life you’ve got to say what you’ve got to say, whether there’s an audience or not for that message,” Sanford told The Post and Courier. “I feel convicted.”

The S.C. Republican Party is already hammering Sanford because of this potential news. Sanford was run out of the governorship after an embarrassing extra-marital affair and then run out of Congress after emerging as one of Trump’s fiercest GOP opponents.

“The last time Mark Sanford had an idea this dumb, it killed his Governorship. This makes about as much sense as that trip up the Appalachian trail,” state GOP Chairman Drew McKissick said, alluding to Sanford’s scandalous sexual exploits.

Sanford says he wants to run to bring the focus in the Republican Party back to true conservatism and away from populist economics and immigration restrictions.

“I’m a Republican. I think the Republican Party has lost its way on debt, spending and financial matters,” he said.

Sanford is a favorite of impeachment cheerleader Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI), who lamented over Sanford’s pitiful defeat in Congress before he departed from the GOP earlier in this month.

Sanford hates Trump so much that he even alluded to the President being like Hitler in his farewell address to Congress last year.

“As open political systems become cumbersome and inefficient, inevitably a strong man comes along and offers easy promises. He says that he can take care of it for us. People desperate for a change accept his offer. They have to give up a few freedoms in the equation to get more security,” Sanford said.

“It doesn’t work out so well, as [Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek]’s book in this instance is about the rise of Hitler in post-WWI German history,” he added.

Sanford may have so much disdain for Trump that he is willing to embarrass himself politically for a third time, and wage a doomed campaign to unseat Trump in 2020. Currently, irrelevant former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld is Trump’s only Republican primary challenger.

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