Mark Zuckerberg To Receive $10 Million Security Detail After ISIS Threatens To Behead Him

In a newly released ISIS propaganda poster, the Islamic terrorist organization is threatening to hack Facebook and behead its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The ISIS poster features Zuckerberg in an orange jumpsuit with his head cut off and claims that the terrorist organization has hacked the social media company. Along with Zuckerberg’s decapitated head, the poster says “hacked”, “go to hell Mark”, and “Anshar Caliphate Army #OpeTheWorld.”

ISIS’s new graphic poster appears to be a recruitment poster for a pro-ISIS social media campaign the terror group has dubbed #OpTheWorld, in which ISIS is encouraging cyber hackers to join them in hacking social media companies, with a focus on Facebook.

As a result of the ISIS death threats, Facebook this week approved a $10 Million annual security allowance for Zuckerberg, citing “specific threats” to his personal safety.

Zuckerberg’s increased security budget will be used to pay for more bodyguards, increased security at his residence, and will allow funds to be used for him to travel via private aircraft.

Recently, several pro-ISIS hacking groups joined forces to create the “United Cyber Caliphate” (UCC), which has published lists of targets for the terrorist hackers. The list, which includes over 8,700 people, encourages ISIS supporters to locate the targets and “kill them wherever you find them.” One of the most prominent individuals on the list is United States President Donald J. Trump.

According to Sixgill, a security firm, “ISIS is targeting Facebook to retaliate against its measures to censor pro-ISIS content and groups, and on more a general level because Facebook is seen as a Western symbol.”

The newly released disturbing beheading poster is not the first time ISIS has threatened to kill Zuckerberg. In 2016, ISIS released a video in which the Islamic terrorist organization threatened to assassinate Zuckerberg, as well as Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. In the 2016 ISIS video, the Islamic terror group used images of Zuckerberg and Dorsey’s faces and covered them with bullet holes.

ISIS has continued to threaten social media companies like Facebook and Twitter ever since the tech giants began cracking down on pro-ISIS users who were using social media to recruit for ISIS and spread terrorist propaganda.

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