Marsha Blackburn’s Opponent Phil Bredesen Has SOLAR SCANDAL On His Hands

Tennessee Star

Phil Bredesen’s chairmanship of the Silicon Ranch solar company, based partly in Nashville, calls into question his multi-million dollar solar-energy allocations during his time as governor of Tennessee.

The people of Tennessee have been asking questions, and the mainstream media in his state now realizes it: Phil Bredesen handled taxpayer gifts to the solar industry, then jetted off to the chairmanship of a state-based solar company.

This is what Trump supporters mean when they talk about “The Swamp.”

The Nashville Tennessean reports:

“Former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen spent much of his second term touting the benefits of solar investments.

He dedicated millions in stimulus dollars to set up the Tennessee Solar Institute in Knoxville, recruited two large manufacturers of solar materials to the state, and his administration pushed for legislation providing green energy companies a series of tax breaks.

Weeks after the tax bill passed in June 2010, Bredesen had another reason to root for the burgeoning sector’s success: He became chairman of a new Nashville solar company, Silicon Ranch.

Today, Silicon Ranch builds, owns and operates more than 120 solar projects in 14 states. The company’s partners include global oil and gas company Royal Dutch Shell, which bought a 43 percent stake in the company this year, and Canada-based Greystone Managed Investments. It employs about 45 people, who mostly work in downtown Nashville.”

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