Martin Shkreli Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical executive who was slandered by the entire mainstream media following his necessary decision to increase the price of an AIDS medication has been sentenced to seven years in prison. While the entire media claimed he was being greedy, and price gouging at the expense of those who require his drug to live, the facts prove different.

But the charges he was prosecuted for had nothing to do with the supposed “price gouging,” it was for defrauding investors. But the genius critics of him on Twitter had no idea of that.

Shkreli will be credited for six months he already served stemming from an arrest based around him making a joke, offering $5,000 for a strand of Hillary Clinton’s hair. Along with being sentenced to seven years in prison, the federal government has seized $7.6 million in assets from Shkreli, including his one of a kind Wu-Tang Clan album he paid $2 million for.

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