Martina Markota Is Done Being Harassed By Left-Wing Dancers, She’s Bringing Them To Court

As originally reported by DANGEROUS, former Burlesque performer turned conservative commentator, Martina Markota is filing charges against some of her former co-workers. After she came out as pro-Trump in 2016, she was kicked out of the performance arts scene.

But her former co-workers didn’t just stop when they successfully ousted her. They have continued to follow her, harassing her in her new career path. Her harassers have even given her private information to left-wing antifa groups in the hopes that they will harm her.

Markota told DANGEROUS, “I am currently pursuing criminal charges against a performer who has tried to solicit my information to antifa and other left-wing media groups to defame me and put me and my family’s life in danger. They refuse to leave me alone, every step of the way. These people are relentless and angry. I left their scene, I left NYC, I moved on to another career and they still follow my every step and try to sabotage my life. At this point I think they want me dead.”

Here is Markota:




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