Marxism Goes Mainstream, Americans Embrace Socialism

Americans no longer view socialism as such a taboo idea.

A story from Gallup reveals that Americans are more closely divided on the issue of socialism than in the previous century.

51 percent of American adults believe that socialism would be a bad thing for the country. However, 43 percent believe it would be a good thing. In contrast, a 1942 Roper/Fortune survey detailed how 40% described socialism as a bad thing, 25 percent a good thing, and 34 percent did not have a solid opinion on the issue.

It’s becoming clear that Americans no longer view socialism with overwhelming skepticism like their predecessors. In fact, Americans’ definition of socialism has changed during the past few decades. Nearly one in four Americans associate with the concept of social equality and 17 percent see it as government control of the means of production. The majority of Democrats view socialism in a positive light, a trend that has been consistent according to Gallup polling in 2010. Specifically, 57 percent of Democrats view socialism positively.

In fact, an April Gallup survey found that 47 percent of Americans would vote for a socialist candidate for president. Indeed, socialism has not been fully embraced by Americans. However, the Overton Window is likely shifting in that regard.

With Bernie Sanders running for office again, and his recent hiring of individuals like David Sirota, who praised Venezuelan socialism in the past, it appears that socialism is gaining a second wind in America.

Other individuals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are popularizing leftist ideas among the youth.

As the general culture embraces more identity politics and egalitarianism, it will likely shift political beliefs towards leftist causes.

This highlights the importance of the Trump movement working on efforts to retake American cultural institutions.

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