Marxist Unrest isn’t Exclusive to the United States

America is currently witnessing significant social turmoil thanks to the radical activism of groups such as Black Lives Matter.

However, this trend has not confined itself to American shores.

One Twitter user highlighted how progressivism is being exported to countries such as Romania.

The user, Herbalis, Tweeted:


Herbalis conceded that this progressive movement is still fringe in Romania:


However, the Twitter user called attention to how “no country is isolated anymore.”

Herbalis also mentioned the presence of other progressive groups:

Indeed, gypsies are a marginal group that has been at odds with the ethnic majorities in certain countries. This makes them susceptible to manipulation by foreign NGOS hell-bent on spreading progressive causes.

Herbalis understands the true endgame of these projects:

Since the 20th century, the U.S. has become a hegemonic power with ambitions to export its value abroad.

With wokeness and political correctness  as mainstays of the American civic religion, it’s only a matter of time before the U.S. government or its appendages begin exporting these values to other countries at a large scale.

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