Marxist Women Scream At Female Journalist For Warning Them About Sharia Law

Michigan voters are gearing up to vote in their Primary on August 7, and one of the candidates running to become the next Governor of Michigan happens to be a Sharia compliant Muslim.

Abdul El Sayed is a Democrat Socialist gubernatorial candidate in Michigan. Although El-Sayed is currently third in the polls, the Democrats and their activists, including Linda Sarsour, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been vigorously campaigning for him.


El-Sayed is not only a Sharia compliant Muslim, but he is a Democrat socialist running on a Marxist political platform as a self-proclaimed “justice Democrat”. Some of the campaign talking points El-Sayed is campaigning on include socialized healthcare, legalization of Marijuana, free college tuition, abortion, opposition to fossil fuels, pro-illegal immigration, and anti-Israel foreign policy. If elected Governor, El-Sayed has vowed to abolish ICE and make Michigan a Sanctuary state where illegal immigrants are protected from deportation and immune to the actions of law enforcement agencies.

El-Sayed practices Sharia law in his personal life, and has stated that his head touches the floor 34 times a day during his Islamic prayers. His wife, who is also pro-Sharia, wears a hijab and is often seen walking behind her husband. The fact that El-Sayed practices Sharia law means that the political talking points he has been campaigning on in Michigan are directly in contradiction with what he believes as a devout Muslim, specifically in regards to his position on Women’s Rights, something that is non-existent under Sharia.

Sayed, who is running on the Democrat ticket as a “Justice Democrat”, refused to answer questions about his personal practice of Sharia and how Islamic law contradicts key platform stances in the Democrat Party when he was confronted at a campaign event in Michigan last week.

After I questioned El-Sayed about Sharia, I was swarmed by a group of his Marxist female supporters who verbally attacked me over my questions and facts about Sharia.

Despite the fact that under Sharia women as viewed as property, sexually and physically abused, subjected to female genital mutilation, forced into arranged marriages, and can be honor killed and stoned to death if they are not modest enough or engage in pre-marital sex, the women who attended El-Sayed’s event remained adamant in defending the barbaric practice of Sharia in Michigan.

In fact, one Marxist woman who was screaming in my face said, “It’s their [Muslims] choice” to practice Sharia in the United States if the so wish.

But, in reality, Muslims do not have the right to practice Sharia Law in America, as there is no disputing the fact that Sharia Law is inherently and completely incompatible with the American values that are established within the United States Constitution.

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