Maryland Lawmaker Describes County as ‘N***** District’

A Maryland lawmaker and member of the increasingly racist Democratic Party landed in hot water after using a racial slur to describe a part of a county in which a colleague had canvassed.

“Caucus members confronted Del. Mary Ann Lisanti (D) on Monday night over allegations that she told a white colleague, during an after-hours gathering at an Annapolis cigar bar, that when he campaigned in Prince George’s on behalf of a candidate last fall he was door-knocking in a ‘n—– district,'” according to The Washington Post. 

The Jeff Bezos-owned blog said that Lisanti apologized for her comments, but also said that she did not recall ever saying what she was accused of saying. The half-apology is reminiscent of recently-outed racist Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam’s apology for appearing in blackface or a KKK hood in a medical school yearbook, and subsequent retraction of that apology during which he claimed that he was not in the photograph. Northam went on to admit that he had worn blackface at a Michael Jackson themed party on a separate occasion.

While Northam has received a pass for his racism, it appears that Lisanti is receiving similar treatment.

“She apologized several times,” said Delegate Darryl Barnes, also a Democrat. “She recognizes how she has hurt so many within the caucus, and she hoped to repent from this. She said that she doesn’t remember fully what happened, but she recognizes what happened.”

Any Republican, of course, would be crucified in press over such an incident until he or she was forced to resign. Apologies would not be enough to atone for the sin of racism.

The Post said that Lisanti did not return a comment request for Tuesday’s story, but that in the course of prior communications with The Post she did not deny using the word in the past.

“I’m sure I have. . . . I’m sure everyone has used it. I’ve used the f-word. I used the Lord’s name in vain,” she reportedly said.

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