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Mask Off: Charles Koch Goes On CNN to Shill for Mass Migration

Some Oligarchs Wants Mass Migration at All Costs



Earlier this week, billionaire oligarch Charles Koch penned an op-ed at CNN with Brian Hooks (the president of the Koch Foundation) calling for both parties to pass amnesty and expand immigration.

The op-ed was titled: “One thing we should all agree on.” 

In the typical Orwellian manner, the authors of the piece referred to amnesty as immigration reform and “a path to legal status” for illegal aliens. 

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“Whether it’s a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants, including Dreamers who were brought to America as children, improving the visa system or improving border security, lasting progress will require congressional action by both political parties,” Koch wrote.

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Koch and Hooks are optimistic that amnesty can pass this time around:

We’re increasingly optimistic about the chances for success. It’s telling that American support for immigration grew even amid the constant anti-immigrant rhetoric of the past four years. While media headlines focused on the extremes of the immigration debate, people of all backgrounds and organizations of all kinds have been taking steps to celebrate immigration and show society that despite differences on other issues, this is an area where people can come together.

The authors alluded to an agreement between establishment conservative group Americans for Prosperity and Hispanic ethnic lobbies like UnidosUS as a sign that a bipartisan consensus is forming. The authors finished the op-ed with a demand for more immigration.

A similar victory can happen with immigration. Public sentiment is already there. Efforts to amplify and unleash that sentiment are gaining steam. With more support and action from people across the country, Congress will find its way to enact the immigration policies that reflect the best of America and enable more people to contribute to our country’s future.

The Washington Watcher II at VDARE observed,”Koch’s op-ed is a sign the donor class will push for amnesty in the coming months. It will be up to the base, and maybe Donald Trump, to stop it.”

There’s no question that calls for amnesty will be on hyperdrive should the Democrats flip both Senate seats in Georgia runoffs. 

Issues from the Second Amendment to mass migration will hang in the balance should the Senate runoffs go Democrat.

At the end of the day, America First activists must hold all politicians feet to the fight fire and remind them that following the.


Tariq Nasheed Calls Out Joe Biden’s Amnesty Plan

Some on the Left are not down with Joe Biden’s mass migration agenda.



The social commentator Tariq Nasheed has been a major skeptic of Joe Biden’s ascent to the presidency of the U.S. Biden has already put forward an amnesty bill that would legalize 11 million illegal aliens, which is now bringing back this controversial debate to the fore. 

On January 19, 2020, Nashed tweeted, “Question for the Biden supporters: Can you name ONE BENEFIT that Foundational Black Americans will gain from Biden prioritizing 11 million undocumented immigrants coming into the country? That’s a simple question that no one seems to answer.”

Nasheed is an advocate for Foundational Black Americans (FBAs), blacks who were brought to the country as slaves and who have resided in the country ever since. 

Nasheed is an immigration skeptic, who views migrants as scab labor that depresses the wages of FBAs while also diluting public assistance for FBAs, as numerous migrant groups push for their own ethnic-based handouts at the expense of FBAs and Founding Stock Americans.

It is often forgotten that there is a strong tradition of immigration restriction among blacks in America that goes back to the days of Booker T. Washington all the way to Barbara Jordan’s efforts to restrict immigration in the 1990s. Before the advent of the welfare state, there was a strong ethnic consciousness in the black community that propelled it to build its own businesses, churches, schools, and other institutions. On top of that, blacks developed an independent identity that viewed foreigners, especially those who came to undercut domestic black labor, with skepticism.

Although Nasheed is a known race hustler, his views on immigration are a breath of fresh air. There was once a time when the Left used to oppose immigration on labor grounds. But now, thanks to how pro-corporate the contemporary Left has become, it has fully embraced the mass migration agenda.

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