Mass Migration is Depressing German Workers’ Wages

René Springer, the Alternative for Germany (AfD)’s social affairs expert, claims that the present German regime’s immigration policy is putting downward pressure on skilled German workers. 

Although the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz claims to fight for workers, Springer claimed that Scholz’s policies are a form of “aggressive neo-liberalism.”

“The state is now only a vicarious agent of a neo-liberal policy to lower wage costs on the backs of employees,” Springers said to German media outlet Junge Freiheit.

According to a report by Remix News, Springer made a request to the federal government where he asked about the wage differences between Germans and foreigners. The government responded and passed on this information to Junge Freiheit. Per government report, German employees made an average of €3,643 in 2021. This figure is more than €900 greater than foreigners, whose average salary hovers around €2,728. The gap has increased by over twofold since 2012, when it was €400 monthly.

The AfD claims that Scholz’s is pursuing politics at “the expense of employees.”

What is particularly striking, according to the Remix News, is how the “wage differences with employees from the main countries of origin of asylum seekers are particularly large.” Here, the disparity in salaries was roughly  €1,400.  

Per the German government, 70% of full-time skilled workers make wages that fall below those of German skilled workers. Additionally, 43% of foreign skilled workers made less than unskilled German workers.

In Springer’s view, this mass migration scheme is all about depressing wages for workers, which he spelled out below:

“The state is now only a vicarious agent of a neo-liberal policy to lower wage costs on the backs of employees,” he commented. Springer stressed how the Afd is against “the wage-depressing import of a foreign reservist army (…) just as much as the mass immigration of precarious and unskilled workers.”

The mass importation of both skilled and unskilled labor is designed to economically displace the historic populations of Western nations. The globalist elites of these nations don’t care about their workers and do everything in their power to harm them.

That’s how things roll in polities where leaders only care about boosting the big red line and care little about preserving the nation’s founding stock.

If the West is to survive as a unique civilization it must halt non-European immigration once and for all.

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