Massachusetts College is Now Offering a “White Supremacy in the Age of Trump” Course

Universities are doing everything in their power to conjure up the “white supremacy” ghost as much as possible.

After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the entire university system has been in a state of shock. Instead of acknowledging that Democrats put forward a corrupt and unlikeable candidate in Hilary Clinton, many academics insist that “white supremacy” was behind the victory of Donald Trump.

Now, Smith College in Massachusetts is running a course this fall semester titled “White Supremacy in the Age of Trump.”

The course will tackle certain questions such as “is White Supremacy a permanent feature of race in contemporary U.S. society?” and “how does one appropriately respond to its ideology and political power in the Age of Trump?”

In this course, students will look at “the relationship between white supremacy and white privilege. Additionally, they will “analyze the history, prevalence, and current manifestations of the white supremacist movement,” and learn “how to build a human rights movement,” which includes “reproductive justice,” so that students can “counter the white supremacist movement in the U.S.”

The course’s aim is “to develop the capacity to understand the range of possible responses to white supremacy, both its legal and extralegal forms.”

Lela Gallery of Campus Reform highlighted the background of the teacher instructing this course, Loretta Ross:

This course is taught within the Women and Gender Studies Department, and the instructor is Loretta Ross, a pro-abortion activist and former activist-in-residence at Smith who once claimed that abortion can be a “joyful experience when achieving reproductive justice through human rights.”

Ross claims that the class material is hard and won’t “use any trigger warnings.” In addition, students must leave their feelings at the class door. Ross is of the opinion that “how you feel is not the point of the class; we need to be talking about structural issues.”

The university instructor has no time for people she disagrees with. Ross declared that she is “not willing to accommodate the remnants of white segregationism.”

Gallery highlighted some of the required readings for the course:

Readings for the course include include “White People Raised to Be Racially Illiterate” by Robin DiAngelo, “Trump Uses Right-Wing Populism to Unite Divergent Groups” by Mark Karlin, “American Exceptionalism Has to Die” by Jason Wilson and David Neiwert, “Make America White Again?” by Kelly J. Baker, “Not Ready to Make Nice: Trump Voters and the Limits of Compassion and Civility” by Tim Wise, and “Your Five-Year-Old is Already Racially Biased” by Andrew Grant-Thomas.

Colleges across the nation are going off the deep end. Already bastions of political correctness, academic intuitions are embracing the next stage of wokeism and making it clear that no dissent to leftist orthodoxy should be tolerated.

Unless they’re planning on pursuing majors in lucrative fields, folks on the Right should abstain from attending these institutions. There’s no need to create more generations of indoctrinated drones.

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