Matt Gaetz Makes America First Pledge to Refuse All Campaign Contributions from Political Action Committees

Congressman Matt Gaetz made a seemingly unprecedented pledge for a conservative Republican when speaking at CPAC on Thursday, stating that he would henceforth refuse any and all campaign contribution pledges from Political Action Committees for the duration of his political career.

The pledge is fueled by Gaetz’s desire to free the conservative and America First movement from corporate, big business interests that seek to preserve the liberal status quo of free trade, mass immigration, and globalist foreign policy.

Gaetz slammed the corrupt special interests and PAC’s within the “Swamp of Washington, D.C,” lambasting them for the naked corruption he had witnessed members of congress engaging in since arriving in DC since 2017.

We will not be able to defend crony or corrupt capitalism. That’s not the America we’ve been fighting for within the America First movement.

Gaetz slammed the political establishment for “importing cheap labor to fuel big business here at home,” calling for a conservative movement that aimed for more than “prostituting itself to globalist multinationalist corporations.

He called for a conservative movement that recognizes the danger of oligarchy as a threat to be just as dangerous as that of socialism.

We reject the model of Venezuela, as we reject the model of Davos.

Gaetz’s pledge reflects an increasing tenor within the conservative movement calling for a divorce between the Republican Party and big business interests that have long freely bought interest and policy within it.

Our home is not for sale to any special interest, ever!”

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