Matt Walsh Exposes the Medical Malpractice Industry Behind Butchering the Genitals of Transgender People

Journalist Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire has released shocking video of the medical malpractice that goes into mutilation of transgender individuals.

Walsh provided video showing how these Mengelean butchers game the process so they can chop off the body parts of mentally ill individuals for profit.

“The largest “trans healthcare” providers in the U.S. are rubber-stamping letters approving gruesome, life-altering surgeries. It’s such a racket that my producer was approved for testicle removal in [22 minutes]. The tape is disturbing,” he said.

The video can be seen here:

Walsh’s documentary, “What is a Woman?” has been viewed over 180 million times on Twitter since it was posted on June 1:

Big League Politics has reported on the growing de-transitioning movement that has emerged of individuals who were brainwashed into accepting the satanic transgender lifestyle before realizing they made a horrible mistake:

A movement is building of hundreds of transgender individuals who desperately want to return to their birth sex after realizing they made a grave mistake with their transition, Sky News has reported.

The movement is starting in Britain, where a charity called The Detransition Advocacy Network is being set up to help people return to their birth sex. They intend to provide support to detransitioners against pressure from the rabid LGBT community that is actively recruiting to their dangerous lifestyle.

The creator of the group, 28-year-old Charlie Evans, has detransitioned publicly and notes that young and mentally ill people are being recruited by the LGBT agenda. These vulnerable groups are being coerced by LGBT activists into taking drugs such as puberty blockers and putting their genitals under the knife.

“I’m in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn’t, and their dysphoria hasn’t been relieved, they don’t feel better for it,” Evans told Sky News. “They don’t know what their options are now.”

“I think some of the common characteristics are that they tend to be around their mid-20s, they’re mostly female and mostly same-sex attracted, and often autistic as well,” said Evans, who called herself a man for almost a decade before returning to her birth gender.

After going public with her story, Evans has been deluged with hundreds of individuals who feel the same way she does. It has emboldened her to start the group, and encourage others to fight through the hatred and harassment from the intolerant LGBT community.

Another individual who has detransitioned, who has only given the name “Ruby” due to fear of reprisal from LGBT activists, told Sky News that she began identifying as a male at the age of 13 and began to take drugs to induce her gender transition shortly afterward.

Ruby was planning to have her breasts removed this summer before she started having doubts about her transition.

“I didn’t think any change was going to be enough in the end and I thought it was better to work on changing how I felt about myself, than changing my body,” said Ruby, who is now 21-years-old.

“I’ve seen similarities in the way I experience gender dysphoria, in the way I experience other body image issues,” she added.

Ruby believes that the public health system in Britain has failed her, and urged her to undergo a transition that may have drastically worsened her mental health problems.

“When I was at my gender clinic to get referred for hormones, we had a session where I went over my mental health issues and I told them about my eating disorder and they didn’t suggest that that could maybe connected with my gender dysphoria,” Ruby said.

“For everyone who has gender dysphoria, whether they are trans or not, I want there to be more options for us because I think there is a system of saying, ‘okay here’s your hormones, here’s your surgery, off you go’. I don’t think that’s helpful for anyone,” she added.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust is seeing 3,200% more patients for gender issues than they had seen a decade ago, with children as young as three or four years old being referred in some cases. They stand by their policies of convincing children to change their birth gender with drugs and mutilation procedures.

The people responsible for these medical abominations must be put to justice. The LGBT movement has gone from equality to advocating for some of the most heinous practices mankind has ever seen. Many must pay for these crimes against humanity, particularly against children, that have become commonplace.

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